Groups at Chicago Human Potential

We have always seen group work as a dynamic part of practice. Please join us for our groups as you are able. The groups are open (which means you can join at any time) and we take insurance and cash/credit card/paypal payment.

Women's Anger Management

Mondays 4PM-5PM
You are eligible for a certificate of completion after 12 weeks. Many participants have used this for court-ordered programs or for DCFS.

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Stress Management and Mindfulness

Wednesdays 12PM-1PM
This is an excellent group for those with anxiety and depression or people that want to practice the skills to develop a more mindful stance in life. We will also practice some various meditation techniques to sample the variety that is out there.

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Postpartum Depression, Anxiety and Mood Group

Fridays 12PM-1PM
Please bring your babies. This is a terrific spot for mothers who are recovering from from postpartum disorders and it's a safe space to share your successes and struggles.

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