Counseling for First Responders

first respondersChicago Human Potential has experience and training working with physicians, medical professionals and first responders (including social workers, EMTs and firefighters.)
More professionals in these areas are reporting high levels of stress in their workplace. This stress sometimes develops into mood problems including anxiety and depression. Other behaviors such as excessive drinking or relating poorly to family may occur.

The American Medical Association polled physicians in 2010 and found that 50 percent of them reported a decrease in morale and eighty percent reported decreased job satisfaction. Another poll indicated that only six percent would recommend the medical profession to others as a future career.

A lauded and noble career, healthcare has become less about people, and more about paperwork. More productivity standards and less of the art and science of healing. Burnout has become the effect of this build-up.

Police, firefighters and other first responders are often affected by post-traumatic stress symptoms within the scope of their working lives. Flashbacks, feelings of guilt, and desire to avoid stressful situations may occur without warning.

Staff are stretched thin and experiences are hard to take home and talk about with loved ones. Day in and day out, it is normal to feel overwhelmed by such demanding work.

For fifteen years, Chicago Human Potential has worked within the medical field and in treatment of professionals, focusing in on the treatment and elimination of bothersome symptoms so you can feel emotionally able to reconnect to your strength and spirit. Counseling has proven to be an effective non-drug treatment to alleviating the symptoms of Depression, PTSD and Anxiety.

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