DBT Support Group

Thursdays 5:30p - 7p
Virtual and then moving in person for Spring, 2022

This January we will be starting a new DBT support group on Thursdays from 530-7pm. It will be virtual and then moving in person for the Spring. It is appropriate for ages 17- and up. We will be working out of the Marsha Linehan Book on DBT and will work on the Core skills of Mindfulness, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness and emotion regulation. This group is appropriate for people that are working in conjunction with a therapist who has training or familiarity with DBT.

DBT is effective for both Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar Disorder. It is also a great modality for anxiety and depression as well and those who have had problems with substance misuse or are in recovery.

This group will also offer availability for phone support for coaching skills.

We accept most PPO plans and private pay. Each group is $100 per session if you are paying privately.

All sessions will be conducted by Joslyn Jelinek, an LCSW with 25 years in the field. She has experience and used a consultation group to meet the requirements of an official DBT practice. Her phone availability is from 9am to 10pm daily for registered participants. Group Participants are able to join and discontinue the group as desired, but about 6 months is recommended.

Please call 773-517-3448 or email info@chicagohumanpotneital.com