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Habits Are Mental Health


So many times during therapy people want to learn how to feel better and more motivated in their lives.  Often they report feeling adrift and that they are sometimes unable to anticipate what might happen from one day to the next in their lives.  
What Army recruits and ants know that the discipline of daily living can help improve your mental health in very significant ways. I suggest starting with some daily habits that you scaffold into your life. It might look like a nightly shower. Or begin your day with some calming stretches or asanas. Building practices gently into daily life is keeping a promise to yourself and encouraging integrity and the development of self confidence. Slowly and surely you have added things into yourself that are more you and your self sustaining. You have to worry less about electronics overuse because you have made more appointments of things that are on your daily schedule. What is mood lifting about taking a daily walk or cleaning the dishes out of your sink before bed? Well, it starts with developing more tasks that bring you into mindfulness and the present moment. Make a list of things you would enjoy if you had the time. With that list, imagine how you could slowly bring them into your daily life. How would that feel if it became more of your daily practice?  And you don't need to feel good before you start to add these activities. Plod yourself to the next activity and the joy will come in the practice.
Slow and steady-day by day. 
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