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Why We Don't Really Want to Make New Year's Resolutions


As the new year approaches, there are some scientifically compelling reasons not to make resolutions for 2018. From most behavioral researchers, we have gleaned that change is usually incremental and portions.  So when you decide to lose ten pounds, pack your lunch for work everyday, got to the gym more and start volunteering- you are gearing yourself up for a cycle of failure.

Some people can make huge shifts in several areas, but most of us need to set SMART goals, or specific, measurable achievable, results-focused, and time bound goals. They should be written will benchmarkers that delineate were you would like to be after a certain date that you can observe easily already ( your google or i-calendar).  

Do you have a goal that you would like to achieve that you have been thinking about lately?  Try to focus on low hanging fruit.  When you demonstrate to yourself that you have the ability the work an easier goal into your life, you are more likely to have the confidence to take on something that feels a little more daunting.

When you have a day or two off the beam; get up again. Slips are always a part of the process.  When you are working toward a goal it is more fun to enlist a buddy. Having an accountability partner usually make you more likely to stick to your plan. Also, it helps you practice skills of vulnerability and working through some of the emotional challenges that setting goals may present. You are your partner don’t have to working on the same thing.

While you are out there doing all this changing, don’t forget just being.  Meditation, yoga, and dance are always to celebrate just where you are….
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