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Grief During the Holidays


During this time of merriment and celebration, many people have a very difficult time with grief at the holidays. For many families they may be experiencing the first holiday season without a loved one. It is natural and normal not to feel like celebrating at all.  Memories of a loved one during holidays past are nostalgic at best and initially can feel extremely overwhelming. It is helpful to be able to talk about your loved one that is absent.  

Anniversaries of death or perinatal losses can resonate during the holidays.  Sometimes people are very surprised to have grief reactions when they were not necessarily expecting to have them. Grief may often have an unsteady course and getting support from your friends, family and even professional supports can be useful if you find that it has impacted your mood or your normal functioning. Chicago Human Potential has expertise in treating grief with supportive and cognitive behavioral modalities.

The longing for our loved ones no longer with us change the way that holidays can feel.  Traditions can be adapted to memorialize our loved one or something new can be added that you know they would have liked or enjoyed.  What would make you feel close to someone you could no longer celebrate with in person?
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