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When the Political becomes Personal


"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter" Dr King

We are at the most critical juncture of our modern day political saga.  The primaries for the next US President have turned into a debacle before our very eyes.  It is not the practice of myself as a therapist to mix political opinion with my professional work, however I believe that it is now unethical if I do not speak up.

Donald Trump as a candidate has had the psychological effect on our country as an accident that you pass and cannot help but be mesmerized.  We decry his polarization of the US population and taunt what he pontificates and those who back him.  Remember, your fellow country men and women who have suffered greatly in the economy and feel marginalized in so many ways by how the country is being "led astray".

I encourage everyone to have healthy discourse with people you know that may back a potentially dangerous leader.  Reach out to your family and friends and understand where they are coming from and speak your case with love and peace.

It is up to us, the American people to see where we have more in common with each other, than not and to push for a better outcome than a possible tyrant in November.  Trump has already demonstrated that he is not concerned with facts and rights, but selling ideas and promoting fear.

BE FEARLESS.  Call someone you haven't talked to in awhile or FB message them.  Begin the dialogue that will truly bridge a gap of understanding.  I've called my aunt and two high school friends this week.  Truth to power!  It's the only way out of this.

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